Best Live Music Venue In Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square

We have been anticipating the opening of this new venue in philadelphia named Coda. At first we thought it was going to be like the other nightlife & night clubs in philadelphia. Boy were we wrong!

This is not only a magnificent new night club in philadelphia but is also a live music venue. Every night their open there is live music playing all night long. It is incredible and they are open past 3 am. You can spend all night in this place. This is why we have crowned Coda, best live music venue in philadelphia.

You have got to check Coda out and you will see exactly what we mean about the extravagance and well thought planning of this new club and live music venue in rittenhouse square philadelphia.

1712 Walnut St


Restaurants In Philadelphia- A Perfect Blend Of Taste And Quality

Philadelphia is known round the world as the ultimate destination of quality restaurants. It is also known as the Food hub due to several mouth watering dishes that are available in the restaurants under both Veg & non-Veg categories. The urge to taste some delicious dishes bring people across the world into this place. However the food items are available in wide range starting from Italian till dishes from India. Most of the dishes are spicy enough to bring water in mouth. The Philadelphia food is not only famous for non-vegetarian dishes but it also showcases some Vegetarian dishes that are no less tasty than the non-Vegetarian counterpart. Following contains the list of some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia.

Classification of Restaurants in Philadelphia
The majority of food consumers across the world are non-vegetarian. However if anyone is thinking of tasting something different from the Vegetarian dishes then the following restaurants serve the purpose.

Vegetarian Restaurants

· Zinc Café
This is worth a place to go for some taste change. The overall decorum of the place is quite welcoming in nature. The most important difference is created by the serving staffs who feel the pleasure of serving food to people. This is something that enhances the taste of food to a great extent.

· Patterson’s Palace
This is surely an amazing restaurant that can throw a fair challenge of transforming the eating habit of a person from non-vegetarian to vegetarian permanently. The taste of dishes has been changed in a way so that those appear to be similar to non-veg counterparts.

· Couch Tomato
It is quite popular in terms of serving tasty food that does not compromise with health of guests. The food quality is quite noteworthy and it gives option to customize food menu.

· Caffette
It is known to be the oldest restaurant in Philadelphia. The place is popular for vegetarian dishes and that at affordable rates.

· Banana Leaf
This is one of the premier vegetarian restaurants. It is known to be quite innovative in creating dishes by making changes in traditional food preparation techniques.

Premium Restaurants in Philadelphia

These are something that signifies the name of Philadelphia. Some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia are listed below.

· Butcher & Singer
It is considered to be the best steakhouse in Philadelphia. The overall ambience of the place is quite engaging and service also does not fall behind. The staffs of the restaurant play a great role towards making every food gathering an experience to remember. The food is delicious and maintains quality very strictly.

· Morimoto
The restaurant is known for making high quality Japanese food items along with a matching surrounding so that a person can feel the presence and the taste of the food closely. The interiors of the restaurant are quite engaging and it is considered to be the best restaurant engaged in the process of making non- Americans foods.

· Sarcone’s
It is a comparatively a new restaurant among the other restaurants in Philadelphia. It was started in 1997 and has been able to mark it as one of the premium restaurants in Philadelphia known for quality food and service.

The Takeaway
Restaurants are like heart and soul of Philadelphia. These are something that keeps the place alive in the minds of people. However the tradition is still alive with addition of some new restaurants into the map of Philadelphia


Employee Service Awards Employee Appreciation Gifts At The Life & Style Guild

Employees are the core axis to any company especially here at The Life & Style Guild, they are the drivers who steer a company to success or over the cliff. They give their relentless efforts, time and intellectual abilities in ensuring that a company is properly functioning in all the departments of a large organization or that small business. The duties of the tea girl or those of the leading sales person may be different in terms of the job description and salary range, but the degree of dedication could count as equal. It is therefore important to note that all employees in an organization are equally as important to the successful operation of the organization.

As March 1st rapidly approaches, employee appreciation day, employers will be scratching their heads wondering how to effectively recognize their top performers among other employees in their organization. There are a few ways in which an employer can appreciate their employees; through employee service awards, employee appreciation gifts.

Why are Employee Service Rewards and Appreciation Gifts Important for an Organization?

1. Serving a greater purpose- through employee appreciation gifts & awards, employees feel that their efforts are not in vain and serve a greater purpose apart from the end of the month pay check. Everyone wants to feel that they serve a greater purpose than just paying bills.

2. Feeling that they are part of a family’- Spending Christmas with your family giving each other gifts and opening the gifts makes you feel more together. It’s the same way it does with employee. It strengthens the bond shared between colleagues and also between employees and employers. As an employer you need this.

3. Extra push- an employer needs to have that secret weapon on how to give their employees an extra push to help the organization cross the line. It could be in terms of sales targets, or certain deadlines. Motivation gets the job done, but appreciation works like a charm.

To give you an idea of an award http://www.reiteroofing.com was awarded as the top reiter roofer in philadelphia and http://www.drroof.com was awarded as the top dr. roofer in atlanta and both were awarded gifts from angie’s list. They were given ways to promote this on their websites and social media to let everyone know.

Now you know why you should put some extra effort come March 1st in trying to appreciate your employees. So where do you start with your employee service awards ideas, or what do you need to know?

Five ways/Tips to cost effectively show appreciation to your employees

1. You don’t have to wait for that single day in the year to appreciate your employees. Send them an email singling them out for their individual progress, achievement, anniversary with the organization etc.

2. Award them with an item with the emblem of the organization, it is one of the most traditional’ ways used, but it still works.

3. Mention their name and achievement in a meeting congratulating them for their efforts and commitment.

4. Issuing them with a certificate of appreciation to commend them for their efforts.

5. Ask them to make a speech during a meeting and give advice or encouragement to the rest of the team.

These are only but a few of the many gestures that you could use to appreciate your employees. It is also important to note that appreciation is not the same as motivation, and it has to be sincere.


Indoor hot tubs are great and relaxing

There are two kinds’ tubs available for the comfort as following:

1) Indoor tub

2) Outdoor tub

Hot indoor tub is a very great and nice place to rid of the tied after having a long day in office or business. It is also considered as a very good way to enjoy and get yourself fresh u after a day off. You may find yourself in many situations that could be raised however that make you go outside to your Indoor hot tub that is less in sense of luxury and can be more of a hassle. That is the reason why the many owners of home are make this choice to install the tub as an indoor hot tub.

Benefits of Tub to install indoor:

As we have so many home appliances and things that we have to make them install indoor instead of the element that is install out of the home. As the indoor tub is could be the most effective as because we can be use it for the whole year as without considering of the type of the climate.

Depending on the climate of your area if you prefer an outdoor hot tub would be having a risk to subject your body to a very intense heat or cold or could be of precipitation. And there could be no such kind of issues with the indoor hot tubs. There might be a Privacy issues often to accompany with the outdoor installation, as well. And a hot tub could also be shared with the family, invited guests as well as friends. Many owners unfortunately come to noticed that might also draw some unpleasant attentions too. If you install an indoor hot tub is always a way to have enjoy and never to regret purchase in a comfortable setting


There are a few steps and things that could be worth considering for the design of indoor tub:
If the possibility is there use a corner. If a spa is placed into a corner it would use much less space than that of one out in the open.Plan this to install in this way that we find an increased humidity. Also include an extraction fan in that very room to get rid of the moisture that is being got in the open when the spa is being utilized.Try to pick a model that is small in size. The hot tubs always look much smaller in a large capacity room. The Arctic Fox and the Mesa are one of the most well-known articles for the best indoor hot tubs.


· There are something’s that you need to take care of by the time you are ready to take one of your first dip. While installing an indoor hot tub it require much trick than it would be when installing outside. The room it need to put in will be most likely need to be changed to deal with a larger amount of moisture, heat and weight.

· Heat and moisture could do a bundle of damage to the certain materials of building. The room which is picked to install the hot tub should most likely have a need of some extra ventilation to take place


We Attended A Casino Theme Party This Week And It Was Awesome

I have never enjoyed myself  quite like this at a party before until I attended a casino themed party. Alive with exciting party music which kept the base pumping, crowd surely jumped, twisted, danced and grind-ed to the beat. Exciting DJ’s were present to offer the best mix of music. The venue whether it’s your house or an activity center, organizers will be able to arrange the venue as if you are in Las Vegas. The decorations, lights and the ambiance definitely brought the coolest casinos in town. It felt like it was real.

Games – a casino will never be a casino if there are no game tables, dealers and the games itself. Blackjack, poker, roulette, etc. it was offered depending on your choice. What about the dealers? These are not just ordinary dealers but they are really trained to manage the casino theme party. They are friendly but in character. They make you feel like you are really in a true casino.
 Drinks were available everywhere, because casino games also come with a couple of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Dancers – you may wish to have Las Vegas dancers to entertain you through the casino party. They definitely blow your mind as they stand up on the stage and show you what it feels like in Las Vegas.
You are not really betting with huge amounts of money, this will definitely make you sweat your palms in every game. It was one of those nights i don’t want to forget. I enjoyed myself immensely and there is no reason why you should not yourself.


Hottest Shoes Out Right Now

shoesHaving fashionable shoes is a lot easier to come buy and more affordable then you would think. Recently I purchased some of the coolest shoes. In fact they are so awesome that I bought 3 pairs of them in different colors. Ebay is my shopping place of choice for shoes.

Ebay is always affordable and you can get styles from around the world. Styles that you may not have thought ever existed before. That is one of the coolest parts about shopping there. So it’s no where near being hard to be fashionable with an original flavor because nobody else will have these styles.

Yep well that’s my secret. Ebay. LOL. To make it even better these shoes, which I think are totally awesome were only twenty dollars. What a deal. Shoes can be so damn expensive sometimes. Nobody wants to spend so much money on something that is just going to get dirty. BUT you better look good wearing it. This is the big dilemma of shoe buying for sure.

This is definitely not the first purchase of shoes at ebay. There have been many more and I have never been let down by the sellers over there. Even if they are from China or some other foreign country. And they come fast.

The wait is pretty short like at maximum 1 week usually. Yes so I get my shoes on ebay and I’m loving it


We Started Using Business SMS Text Message Alerts For Employees

Text messaging to connect with employees is a very efficient as well as effective. It is personal and it not very expensive since a business will use bulk SMS messaging. In the next few years mobile phones are expected to exceed the population of people. This means that a business that uses business SMS text message alerts to communicate with its employees will be staying ahead of the curve. Text messaging is becoming the main source of connection all over the world.

Texting have made things very simple for businesses. They not only communicate with their employees but also with their customers and suppliers. SMS messaging have surpassed emails and this is because they have dramatically higher open rates than emails. Texting is cost effective compared to other forms of outreach. Businesses use SMS text messaging for various reasons;


Emergency alerts are one of the main reasons as to why businesses have decided to use SMS texting to connect with their employees. If there is a problem at work like a water main burst of if power goes off during the middle of night, you can use SMS to reach to the employees because there is no surety that they will check their emails in the morning. Using SMS text messaging, you will be sure that almost all employees will open and read the text message.

Company announcements

Trying to gather all your employees together in a conference room in order to make announcements distracts them from their work. It also lowers productivity due to all the time wasted trying to gather them together and making all the announcements. In addition, there is the risk of not communicating in the proper way which means information will not be passes along appropriately. Similarly, business emails can easily get overlooked in bulging inboxes. Announcements can be best done through the use of the group business text messaging service . SMS offers all the speed a business needs in communing rapid fire changes. These include new changes in the pricing of commodities or the introduction of new products and services.


The sms alert program / platform can be the best method to use to ensure that all your employees feel motivated. Everyone likes an inspirational quote or thought to inspire him or her all throughout the day. A quick SMS that is both affordable and reliable that announces the outstanding productivity by an individual or even an entire department is an ideal way of boosting the morale of your employees. Through this they will feel appreciated and production will increase.


If there is a new member who has been recruited in the business, a lot of time will be spend trying to make introductions to all other workers. In this case it is good to give your employees a head-up with a bulk SMS and they will always have a handy name and job title reference for their person.

Almost all employees keep their phones switched on and with them always. This is one of the main reasons why text communication has become so powerful. SMS texting allows employees to double check and even triple check for clarity of information. One best thing about this is that a text message will never be altered in any way. It will stay the same and it can always be referred to.


Isgros Cannoli’s Italian Market South Philadelphia

So by now you must have heard of Isgros cannoli’s on Christian st at the Italian market in south Philadelphia. No? Well they are only ranked the best cannoli in the country. So what are you waiting for… Get over there.

Seriously, they are good. The Ricotta, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mascarpone or Chocolate Mousse. Oh my goodness does my mouth water just even thinking about the deliciousness. Of course they have plenty of other desserts, but this is what their known for. Surprisingly, they are also very filling. The fist time I went, I got all kinds of cannoli and man was I stuffed.

Well it is a must that you go here or at least to the Italian market in general. All the great cheeses, chocolates, sausage, pizza, olives, salads… Ok let me stop there because I can just keep going and going with more and more items.

Needless to say get your butts down to 10th st and Washington ave to the Italian market in south Philadelphia and see what all the hype is about!


Ice Melt For New Concrete That Won’t Hurt

Environmentally safe ice melter is a new green way of handling slippery ice. Most people use rock salt or other products that contain salt and that’s not good for children, pets, or any surface you put it on. Many people who use salt on ice don’t realize how unhealthy and harmful it is. Rock salt works by heating up when in contact with ice. If in contact with skin or paws it can burn and cause rashes.

Salt leftover can cause damage to surfaces it’s sprinkled on, including salt residue that clings to the bottoms of boots and shoes and is tracked indoors on floors and carpeting. In addition traces of salt can reach our water supplies and poison plants and animals in the wild.

Concrete safe ice melt is very concentrated so you will find you don’t need as much with each use like you would using a salt based ice melter. The heat it creates to melt ice lasts a lot longer than rock salt. One of the best things about safe ice melters over salt based ice melters is that is leaves an ice barrier that lasts up to three days on the surfaces you use it on. This deters ice from sticking to the surface making shoveling easier because you won’t have to chop at the ice to remove it. In fact you can even sprinkle some environmentally safe ice melter on your surfaces before ice and snow can accumulate.

One of winters most dangerous conditions to surfaces is called black ice. This is when ice encases the surface of a walk or road but is not readily visible to the naked eye. So you may think it’s safe to walk and drive as usual but you can soon find yourself sliding out of control. With environmentally safe ice melter you merely chip the surface a bit and sprinkle it over the black ice. This breaks the surface tension and allows to start melting the ice.

If you’re a driver you know how easy it is to get stuck and how difficult it is to get enough traction to move again. You know from experience you need a couple people to help push your vehicle out of that spot. You can ensure that you won’t have that problem if you keep some environmentally safe ice melter in your car for just such an occurence. Some people use cat litter to sprinkle under the tires and while that may work fine at times, it doesn’t dissolve or melt, won’t clear the ice, and will just leave a terrible mess on the surface. Environmentally safe ice melter is hands down the better choice.

Safe Paw can be used anywhere ice can be a problem. It’s safe for pets, children, plants, grass, and surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and all types of flooring. Remember you don’t need to use as much Safe Paw as you did with salt based substances. If you do find that you’ve used an excessive amount you may find some surfaces can become discolored. If this should happen with surfaces it will fade away after a time being exposed to sun and water. If your grass should brown just water it and it will come back in the spring. If either of these should occur make sure you lesson the amount of Safe Paw you are using. You won’t find a better alternative anywhere on the market.


Dumplings Are Delicious & Easy To Make

dumplingsSo people really try to make cooking dumplings very hard. While it may be one of the easiest things on earth to do. I remember the first time I made them. I was not impressed with my own cooking, which is never the case. So instead of following a recipe, I created my own recipe. And let me tell you these were one thousand times better than the recipe that I got from the Internet.

Something that is so delicate in flavor needs to have delicate flavors that combine in a taste of delightfulness for the pallet. With dumplings there are some main ingredients that go into most dumplings. And you can mix and match how you deem necessary in your dumplings.

The basic ingredients are:

Wonton wrappers



Green Onions “Scallions”

Napa cabbage (for cooking purposes)

Soy sauce

Rice vinegar

Sesame oil

So simple right? Yes it really is. I talk all these ingredients and just put them in the food chopper. The next list of ingredients will depend on the type of dumplings you wish to make. Keep in mind that when cooking dumplings with meat it is extremely important to get the right balance. Or else the meat will come out with no flavor. This is what happened during my first recipe that I got online and I was pissed. There is quite a bit of prep work involved, but the cooking time is only about ten minutes.

You will need:

Sharp Knife

Food Chopper

Bamboo Steamer

Pan for steamer

Pan for frying

Such simple ingredients do not take much to cook. They are done before you are even ready to set the table. And you can make a ton of them. Now for the meat and or seafood.

Stuff your dumplings with:








There are so many great things you can put into dumplings it is really quite amazing. If you like spicy just buy some red pepper chili oil and add it in. Wrapping the dumplings is a bit tedious but is very easy. It becomes tedious because there are so many dumplings to wrap up.

How to Wrap

You literally just take a bowl of water. Dip your fingers into the water and put your wet finger around the edge of the dumpling wrap. Then put in the filling and seal at the way around like ravioli. Place it on top of the leaves of the Napa cabbage that are in the bamboo steamer. Then it ‘s time for cooking. Steam for 10 minutes and then you can eat these little delicious bundles of joy.