Dumplings Are Delicious & Easy To Make

dumplingsSo people really try to make cooking dumplings very hard. While it may be one of the easiest things on earth to do. I remember the first time I made them. I was not impressed with my own cooking, which is never the case. So instead of following a recipe, I created my own recipe. And let me tell you these were one thousand times better than the recipe that I got from the Internet.

Something that is so delicate in flavor needs to have delicate flavors that combine in a taste of delightfulness for the pallet. With dumplings there are some main ingredients that go into most dumplings. And you can mix and match how you deem necessary in your dumplings.

The basic ingredients are:

Wonton wrappers



Green Onions “Scallions”

Napa cabbage (for cooking purposes)

Soy sauce

Rice vinegar

Sesame oil

So simple right? Yes it really is. I talk all these ingredients and just put them in the food chopper. The next list of ingredients will depend on the type of dumplings you wish to make. Keep in mind that when cooking dumplings with meat it is extremely important to get the right balance. Or else the meat will come out with no flavor. This is what happened during my first recipe that I got online and I was pissed. There is quite a bit of prep work involved, but the cooking time is only about ten minutes.

You will need:

Sharp Knife

Food Chopper

Bamboo Steamer

Pan for steamer

Pan for frying

Such simple ingredients do not take much to cook. They are done before you are even ready to set the table. And you can make a ton of them. Now for the meat and or seafood.

Stuff your dumplings with:








There are so many great things you can put into dumplings it is really quite amazing. If you like spicy just buy some red pepper chili oil and add it in. Wrapping the dumplings is a bit tedious but is very easy. It becomes tedious because there are so many dumplings to wrap up.

How to Wrap

You literally just take a bowl of water. Dip your fingers into the water and put your wet finger around the edge of the dumpling wrap. Then put in the filling and seal at the way around like ravioli. Place it on top of the leaves of the Napa cabbage that are in the bamboo steamer. Then it ‘s time for cooking. Steam for 10 minutes and then you can eat these little delicious bundles of joy.


Hottest Shoes Out Right Now

shoesHaving fashionable shoes is a lot easier to come buy and more affordable then you would think. Recently I purchased some of the coolest shoes. In fact they are so awesome that I bought 3 pairs of them in different colors. Ebay is my shopping place of choice for shoes.

Ebay is always affordable and you can get styles from around the world. Styles that you may not have thought ever existed before. That is one of the coolest parts about shopping there. So it’s no where near being hard to be fashionable with an original flavor because nobody else will have these styles.

Yep well that’s my secret. Ebay. LOL. To make it even better these shoes, which I think are totally awesome were only twenty dollars. What a deal. Shoes can be so damn expensive sometimes. Nobody wants to spend so much money on something that is just going to get dirty. BUT you better look good wearing it. This is the big dilemma of shoe buying for sure.

This is definitely not the first purchase of shoes at ebay. There have been many more and I have never been let down by the sellers over there. Even if they are from China or some other foreign country. And they come fast.

The wait is pretty short like at maximum 1 week usually. Yes so I get my shoes on ebay and I’m loving it


Big Changes In Philadelphia

Philadelphia has really made quite the turn around over the past few years. We have seen broken down neighborhoods being completely rebuilt one house at a time. Never before have we seen where houses have been completely rebuilt. Of course modified and rehabbed. But never rebuilt.

I remember one specific neighborhood that is called now Northern Liberties, a new hip name for the culture. It used to just be called Girard after the street it is on. I was not even allowed off the doorstep of my dads warehouse. It was so damn bad down there.

In fact one of the first cops episodes was filmed there. It was the one where the guy was in a shop naked and then ran to the back to get a gun and started shooting at the cops. It was nuts! Well that’s just how bad it was there.

However, these days things are a bit calmer. The streets are filled with hipsters and affluent business people. New bars and restaurants all over. And the food truck scene is highly noticeable.

To give you an idea of how run down this place was. You could buy a house there maybe 10 or more years ago for about $30,000. These days a house here costs around half a million. Definitely an amazing turn around for a drug-ridden neighborhood.

That’s not all. It is happening all over Philadelphia. More and more neighborhoods are being completely turned around. I think it is because once people see the progress of the project I spoke of earlier, that they wanted it to happen everywhere. Because let’s face it Philadelphia is not the safest nor cleanest place around. So the people that live there embrace this change and wish for more.

The changes are great and they are amazing for this city, which is now becoming a new young technology hub for America. I am looking forward to seeing more progress throughout the city. It is very exciting for all of us to be able to come out of our homes and smile instead of wanting to crawl back inside because of the surroundings that we once faced.


L+S Gift Guide 2013

1. B.T. McElrath Choclatier. (The Salty Dog is my fav flavor)
2. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label (Because every frig needs some yellow label)
3. Debutantes: When Glamour Was Born  (Perfect addition for your stack of coffee table books)
4. Traci Zeller Signature Candle ( Traci Zeller Home candle features her signature fragrance, and comes packaged in a versatile mercury glass container.  The clean, crisp scent combines citrus-fresh limes and zesty mandarins with herbal notes of basil.  Hand-poured in Charlotte, North Carolina.)
5. Grizzly Bear Paw Meat Handlers with Digital Thermometer ( For the carnivore in your family)
6. Monogrammed Moscow Mule Copper Mug (For the budding bartender in your mix)
7. Jennifer Ament Zebra Print (For the Art Lover)
8. Donna Karan Lenox Singing Bowls (For the person who needs the most zen)
9. Holga Lens for iPhone 4s (For the techie or photog in your clan)
10. Oakwood Makeup Brush Holder by Tyler Kingston (For your sister or style savvy girlfriend)

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