The Who, What, When and Why of Design Camp Atlanta 2013.

In anticipation of our adventure in the hippest city in the Southeast we’ll be giving our readers a guide to the WhoWhats WhenWheres of Design Camp. Starting next  week designers, stylists, bloggers and the elite from the world of Interior Design will travel from all over to attend Design Camp Atlanta 2013.  And because of a little luck and a lot of support from Traci Zeller of Traci Zeller Designs, this humble little blogger will be attending right along side them.

During the ramp up to the event we’ll be giving you the low down on the Celebrity Hosts and creators of this event Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis. Then we’ll share with you the vitals on all the “Camp Counselors” who will be leading the seminars and workshops during the 3 day intensive. The list is a dizzying example of some seriously talented Marketing Mavens, Social Media entrepreneurs and Design Wizards.


However, it’s all because of Traci Zeller Designs that The Life & Style Guild will be on hand to enjoy and cover this event. So it’s only appropriate that we start there.


This talented Charlotte, NC. based designer, wife and mother of twin boys is truly dialed in to all that is stylish and noteworthy in the world of Interior Design. Not only was Traci named one of Charlotte’s top 25 Most Stylish People for 2010 but she’s also been hand picked for Style Spotting at 2012′s HighPoint Market exclusively by the organizers of the Market. She was this Fall’s winner of the HighPoint Style Spotters contest, Traci holds both a degree in Law and a degree in Accounting which helps her run her highly organized and successful design business.

As the principal designer for Traci Zeller Designs, Traci infuses her effortless chic into the interiors that she designs. The result is a space that is calming, practical and elevating. Traci is also the President of Charlotte Mothers of Multiples, Inc. In addition to her design business, she also created a blog (one of our favorites) where she conveys a genuine affinity for her over 40,000 monthly readers by offering helpful ideas and tips on creating and maintaining a home that a family can be proud of.



Her design aesthetic has been described as classic and clean with a modern twist. Traci Zeller Designs offers a full range of design services to their clients as well as a unique à la carte pricing menu. Clients can hire Traci Zeller Designs for a laser focused project such as creating a design for individual spaces like a Foyer, a Master Bedroom, or living room . Up next for the designer, a new Fabric Line that will be unveiled this year.img_gallery_events_2

We are beyond excited to grab some face time with the designer as we follow her around this years Design Camp Atlanta 2013.  Thanks again to Traci Zeller, you rock! You can preview some stellar examples of her warm modern and crisp design aesthetic bellow, but for the big picture head over to her official homepage to see services and portfolio details.








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    • Agreed! Traci is not only an incredible designer, blogger and mommy but she is also such a gracious and lovely person. I am forever changed from having spent these last few days with her at Design Camp. Thanks for stopping by L&SGuild Holly and please keep us up to date on any interesting projects you have going on. -Ryan

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