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World Famous Designer Barry Dixon speaks to campers about achieving authenticity in design.

World Famous Designer Barry Dixon speaks to campers about achieving authenticity in design.

Happy Monday! For most of you on the East Coast this day is almost over, but for myself and the millions of people out West we still have a few productive hours left. Having recently traveled back from Atlanta I find myself up to my neck in laundry, dry cleaning and Design Camp round ups.  I’ll give you 2 guesses to figure out which one of those things is getting most of my attention today. (The first guess doesn’t count)

Sort of like a great book or a fantastic film that just won’t leave your thoughts I am finding it hard to think of anything else besides Design Camp Atlanta. It was 3 days of being a kid in a candy store! With over 100 fellow campers, both Interior Designers and enthusiasts alike I floated around listening to world famous designers and industry leaders who dropped some serious design knowledge on us. Over the next few days and weeks I will do my best to share with you what I’ve learned but it’s going to be kinda tough. What I got out of Design Camp is far more than just a few lectures and some meet-n-greets. To explain to you my adventures in Atlanta will be like bearing my soul. Sounds a bit dramatic I know, but no less accurate.


My experience at Design Camp was like nothing else I’ve ever done in my life and I am without a doubt a better person/blogger/wife/mother for it. It exceeded all my expectations and brought me a sense of well-being that I was sorely missing. Instead of finding elitist designers and corny brand ambassadors I found leaders and speakers who were genuinely interested in enhancing our lives. Not only professionally but personally as well. I didn’t network, I made amazing friends. We didn’t compete, we collaborated. There was no haves and haves not’s but instead a group of people who were serious about their craft and making the design world better by sharing their accomplishments right along side their mistakes.


Even though I am not a designer I gained tremendous knowledge about all manner of industries associated with design. There was something valuable for everyone there from bloggers to design aficionados to best selling authors, socialites, TV personalities, online retailers and everyone in between. At the end of each day all the “Happy Campers” shared their feedback and take away’s over cocktails and the overall feeling was that everyone was having the time of their lives. We all agreed that the speakers were out of this world insightful and shockingly real down to earth individuals who made time to personally address each campers questions or accolades.

Now that I know what that kind of wonderful feels like, I implore you to find your Design Camp and go. Whatever industry you’re in or whatever your passions/hobbies are in this life find out where they’re holding a workshop and go feed your soul. If you passion is Interior Design then by any means necessary register for Design Camp like yesterday! You’ll be so grateful that you did. ( BTW the next camp is in Seattle this May, I’m just sayin)

You can read more about Design Camp from fellow camper and blogger, Paloma Contreras founder of  the blog La Dolce Vita.