Are you so over Fashion week, then follow us as we shift our focus to the home! High Point Market Fall 2012 October 13-18th.

We’re done reading about fashion, looking at fashion, caring about Spring 2013 lines from this designer or that designer. We need a break. (just a quick break) So we were delighted to shift our focus to decorating dwelling and swanking up our shelters. Enter High Point Market Fall 2012!High Point Market promotional poster

This twice yearly design and decor event draws the biggest and best names in Interior Design, Textiles, Home Decor and Design. With over 2000 of the industries best setting up shop as vendors and nearly 80,000 visitors over the course of the event there is a lot of ground to cover. So we’ve researched some of the best and most efficient ways to stay up to date with all the hype at High Point this year.

We’ve identified a few of the Design communities brightest stars and fortunately enough for all of us, they have delightful blogs and websites that are updated with all the action on a regular basis. You can find the complete list of this year’s High Point Market Style Spotters on the official event site We’ve cherry picked a few of our favorites just for you. These style spotters are posting and curating their favorite looks on Pinterest so give them a look see.


  • – Traci was names one of Charlotte’s 25 most stylish people and was last year’s High Point Market’s Style Spotter winner for the spring 2012 event.
  • – Gretchen Aubuchon takes fashion’s latest looks and couples them with the current design trends.
  • – Cassandra La Valle was named by The London Times as one of the 50 Best Design Blogs. (And she’s based in Seattle)
  • – Janel Laban has been “Saving the World one Room at a time” and if you’re not familiar with this site stop what you’re doing right now and google that shit! Join the over 9 million readers that visit the site monthly.
  • is also reporting back on all the eye candy from the event.
  • – Jamie Derringer the site’s Founder and Executive Editor has you covered for all your modern design needs.


Give these sites a look over to get a feel for the latest styles and trends in House and Home design. Follow these designers and bloggers on Pinterest for a insider’s view of the happenings at High Point this week. We certainly will!

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    • We love your design aesthetic and are so glad to share it with our readers. We’ve always held a special place in our hearts for Southern Designers and the City of Charlotte! All the best, Ryan

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